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How to overcome the limitation of MsgBox?

This time I am writing after a long time. I was debugging a script during which I was stuck in an issue due to which I got to learn something new which I would love to share on this platform.

What was happening was: During debugging of the script, I needed to check whether the value of variable is getting assigned properly, so I used msgbox to verify the value. I was shocked to see that the value was truncated in the message box even though Debug Viewer > Watch tab was displaying the full value.

Then, by Hit and Trial, I got to know that the limitation of msgbox function is 1023 characters.

As an alternative, we can use Windows Shell object to overcome this limitation.

‘Code to display more than 1023 characters (limitation of msgbox function)

Set wshell=CreateObject(“”)

wshell.popup (variable with more than 1023 characters)



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