LeanFT – Lets call it “CleanFT” !

HP – Thank You ! From the bottom of my heart 🙂 You have heard the cries of all QTP/UFT developers who demanded nothing but a clean IDE.

So Whats LeanFT ?

In simple words, its offering UFT’s capabilities in a different IDE( read Visual Studio/Eclipse)

Who is it for ?

Its mainly for Test Automation Engineers, Developers and Dev/Ops or Continous Testing teams. On the contrary, UFT’s intended audience comprises of Business Analysts, SME’s, Test Automation Engineers as well as Manual QA’s.

How does it help ?

As a UFT coder, I used to dream of working in a more structured environment because of my exposure to Visual Studio. The dream has become a reality ! Moving from a scripting to a programming language has its own advantages from the code stability standpoint. Moreover, its continuous integration features are a blessing for the agile world that we live in.

Is it a Selenium Killer ?

Its too early to comment on that but it can certainly give it a run for its money !

What are the key features ?

  1. Currently it supports standard Windows objects, .NET Windows Forms, WPF, Mobile objects, SiebelUI, Insight Image Recognition where HP UFT supports 20+ test platforms. So it doesn’t replace but compliment UFT.
  2. Supports MSTest & Nunit Frameworks for Visual Studio and JUnit for Eclipse.
  3. Compatible with Jenkins(continous integration) and Cucumber(BDD).
  4. Its object spy will make UFT’s spy a little jealous !
  5. Has some cool features inherited from UFT like Insight Object and Visual Relation Identifiers.
  6. The transition from UFT to LeanFT is not very bumpy as the core concepts remain same.

How can I get it ?

If you have a UFT license, you will have to upgrade to UFT 12.5 and LeanFT comes bundled with that. The standalone version can be downloaded from here.

Where can I learn it from ?

As of now there is very little information apart from the documentation

Check out my LeanFT C# Tutorial !

Check out my LeanFT Java Tutorial !

Happy Automating,

Harshit Kohli


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  1. Hey my Namesake,

    You have come a long way since we started. Its great to learn that you are still updating this blog.


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