LeanFT C# Tutorial Part 8 – Running Tests Remotely

The Visual Studio IDE is heavy and may take a toll on the system memory-wise. So its advisable to have two separate kinds of machines – one for development of scripts and one for execution. The machines that we use for execution need not have the full IDE and we can just have the LeanFT Runtime engine running on them.

So when you are installing LeanFT, you can select the following option when you just want to use the machine for execution :-


In your Visual Studio project on the development machine, you need to open the App.config file and uncomment the following section :-

    <sdk mode="replay">
      <connection address="ws://execution_machine_name:5095">
        <connect timeout="60" />
        <response timeout="600"/>
      <server autolaunch="true" />

In your execution machine, open the following file:-

C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LeanFT\bin\LFTRuntime.exe.config

Update the the connection key in the XML to have mode as “AcceptNonSecuredRemoteConnections” rather than the default value which is “AcceptLocalConnectionOnly” :-

<connection port="5095" mode="AcceptNonSecuredRemoteConnections">

Please make sure that the port number mentioned here is the same as one mentioned in the app.config file in the dev machine. Also, make sure you restart the runtime engine after making this change.

Now, if you start the code in your dev machine, it should run on the execution machine provided they are on the same domain.

LeanFT C# Tutorial Part 9 – LeanFT and Selenium Together

Happy Automating!
Harshit Kohli


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