LeanFT Training Programme

For existing UFT/QTP resources, LeanFT is the need of the hour ! Here is why :-

  1. It gives you a better IDE – Visual Studio/Eclipse.
  2. It is faster in development as well as execution.
  3. It offers easier cross browser integration.
  4. It supports third party libraries as well as Frameworks.
  5. You can write more robust code (better exception handling).
  6. You can be more close to Developer’s Ecosystem – same IDE, Version Control and Testing Frameworks.

We have a comprehensive LeanFT training plan for individuals as well as corporates which can help you get kick-started with LeanFT within a few days. For more details, drop an email to –


Happy Automating !

Harshit Kohli


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  1. This is one of best training I have attended. Harshit is excellent trainer!!..Thank you for good LeanFT course..The course content is amazing and excellent training…John

  2. I have requested for course details by sending a mail to id mentioned in above post but no response yet. Request to send course details of leanft.

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