How to Install LeanFT with JAVA

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, then I’m sure you’re ready to ride on to the LeanFT bandwagon ! In case you’re still having apprehensions, check out my posts:-

Why UFT needs to Go !

LeanFT – Let’s call it CleanFT !

You can set up LeanFT with Java by following the below simple steps :-

  1. Install Java(32 bit or 64 bit depending on your system) from here.
  2. Add a new system environment variable called JAVA_HOME and set its value to where you have installed java(something like – C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_73). In case you don’t know where to set the environment variable, you need to right click on My Computer, select Properties, goto Advanced System Settings and click Environment Variables.
  3. Add Following value in PATH environment variable – %JAVA_HOME%\bin, also remove any Oracle Java values in the PATH.
  4. Download eclipse from this location and extract it into a desired folder in your file system(somedrive:\somefolder\eclipse)
  5. Install LeanFT and select Eclipse option when tool is asked. Give the above extracted path – somedrive:\somefolder\eclipse
  6. Download gson.jar from here and put it into the plugins directory of Eclipse.

Start eclipse and it should launch the LeanFT runtime engine and you should see a LeanFT menu in the Eclipse Menu bar on the top.

Would be glad to help out people facing issues while doing this.

Happy Automating!

Harshit Kohli


9 thoughts on “How to Install LeanFT with JAVA

    1. Hi Bhawana,

      You need to select the IntelliJ option while installing LeanFT. If you have installed prior to installing IntelliJ, then you need to modify the existing installation.

      Once it is installed properly, you should see the runtime engine running as soon as you open IntelliJ.

      Happy Automating!
      Harshit Kohli

  1. leanft runtime engine could not be launched in ecclipse neon:
    I installed leanft 14.0. in Windows 10 laptop

    Eclipse neon, Java 8, Selenium and Appium are installed and worked fine before installing Leanft

    I can see leanft tab in eclipse and I am aable to create projects

    When i try to enable Leanft it is throwing message “Leanft runtime engine could not be launched”

    I can see same message when i start ecclpse as well

    I tried all the troble shooting steps as per the below steps but no luck:

    I configured new port numbers in LFTRuntime.exe.configuration but the error persists

    I reinstalled multiple times and freequent restarts but no luck. I installed the software with admin rights and UAC low level( turned off) as well.

    Could you please provide solution

    Let me know if ypu need further information

  2. Hello Harshit,

    I am having trouble with Lean FT.

    I have installed Lean FT, installed Eclipse, and I installed the plugin in the \plugin folder.

    When I launch Eclipse I don’t have the Lean FT Tool appear in the Toolbar. I can write programs in Eclipse, it the integration of Lean FT

    What am I doing wrong?

    Any help will be great.

    Thank you,
    Stewart Moon

  3. Hi Harshit,

    I am using UFT 14 trial version in my local system and how to install LeanFT in the same ?

    It’s giving an error saying that need to change installation…

    could you please let me know

    Thnx in advance

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