How to Execute UFT Test Silently

HP provides less known utility along with UFT that also allows user to execute UFT Tests Silently (without opening UFT GUI). Actually, there are 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. Using Silent Test Runner: This utility is located at <UFT Installation Directory>\bin\ SilentTestRunner.exe To execute the Test silently, just launch the utility, select the Test that needs to be executed and click on Run Test button.Silent Test Runner provides test run information in log files. Each test generates a test run log, and  any test with transactions generates an additional transaction summary. The test run log is saved as output.txt in the <Unified Functional Testing>\Tests\<test name> folder. The transaction summary is saved as transactions.txt in the <Unified Functional Testing>\Tests\<test name> folder. A log/transactions summary file is saved for each test run with Silent Test Runner and is overwritten when you rerun the test.silent_test_runner
    2.Using mdrv.exe:  To execute the test from command line, user just needs to invoke the following command from command prompt. As shown in the following snapshot, we need to provide full path of usr file of the Test that user needs toexecute as a parameter to mdrv.exe
    This usr file is present inside every UFT Test and is created automatically.

         Few points that needs to be considered while executing Tests silently:

  • Only one Test can be executed silently at a time
  • There should not be any error in the Test as Test exits on encountering an error without giving any message
  • There should not be any msgbox statement in the executed Test

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