Mobile Center Architecture

Those who are new to Mobile Center, please refer to my previous post about Mobile Center Introduction. We will be covering the high level overview and its architecture in this post.

Broadly, Mobile Center has 2 components:

  1. Mobile Center Server
  2. Mobile Center Connector

Mobile Center Server provides:

  • connection between testing tools (UFT, LeanFT etc) and Mobile Devices
  • User Interface to record and run tests on Real Devices
  • Lab Console to manage devices and users
  • PostgreSQL database storing reusable data, such as Metadata of uploaded apps and connectors, certificates, user information, and so forth

Mobile Center Connector allows communication between Mobile Devices and Mobile Center Server. It is installed automatically with Mobile Center Server, however, it can also be installed as standalone component on different machines.

Following figure shows the Mobile Center components and depicts the relationship between them:

Following connector deployment scenarios are supported:

  1. Devices can be connected to a machine on which Mobile Center Server is installed (as Connector is automatically installed with Server)
  2. Connector can be installed as standalone component on several machines in distributed locations

In the next post, we will be looking into the installation of Mobile Center Server component.


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