How to install and configure Mobile Center Server

In the previous posts, I introduced Mobile Center along with its architecture.

To use Mobile Center, we need to do at least following steps:

  • Install Mobile Center Server
  • Install Mobile Center Connector (only if we want to use separate machine as a Connector)
  • Add Device (Android/IPhone or Emulator)

In this post, we will be looking at the process of installing Mobile Center Server. Now, Mobile Center Server can be installed either on Linux or Windows machine. Windows 7 64-bit is supported. For additional requirements (on both Linux and Windows), please refer System Requirements.

Prerequisites: Install USB drivers for Android Device Manufacturer

Please follow the following steps to install Mobile Center Server:

  • Download Mobile Center Server software from here. You need to click on Download Now button and then register on the website on get the download link
  • Downloaded file will be an ISO file. Extract the contents.
  • Log in to your machine as administrator.
  • Go to Server folder in extracted contents.
  • Choose Run as Administrator after right clicking on install_server-windows-x64-
  • The installation wizard opens. Click Next button until Device requirements Screen


  • In the Device Configuration screen, select Device Platform for which drivers are installed on the machine


  • In the Server configuration screen:
    • Enter the IP address or the FQDN of the Mobile Center server machine.
    • Accept or edit the default port 8080.
    • Select SSL only to work with a secure connection using HTTPS
    • Accept or edit the default internal port, 8081
    • Provide a password for the default administrator user,, for accessing the Mobile Center Lab Management console.


  • In the PostgreSQL configuration screen:
    • Enter a password for the database’s built-in superuser, postgres, created when the PostgreSQL server is installed.
    • Accept or edit the default username for the database administrator, hpmcadmin, and provide a password


  • Installation Summary will be shown after clicking on Next button


  • Please note Mobile Center Server URL in the above snapshot as we will be using this to connect to it (shown in the next post)
  • When the installation is complete, the wizard displays a message that the server was successfully installed, and provides an option, Start the service.
  • Click Next to start the Mobile Center service.

Please follow next tutorial to connect to Mobile Center Server and access Lab Console


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