Docker Training Programme

Containerization has been rocking the IT world from some time now with Docker leading the way. Docker basically answers questions like – “Its working on Machine 1 but not working on Machine 2”. This magic happens because with Docker, everything is a Container(read self contained and isolated virtual environment). Some of the benefits of using Docker are:-

  1. Fast – Spinning up a new environment for Development/Testing is a matter of minutes!
  2. Isolated – We can have multiple isolated environments hosted on a single docker engine(even 10-15 containers on a machine work like a charm)
  3. Continuous Deployment and Testing – Its a boon to the DevOps world because it addresses some basic problems like Environment consistency  and dependency management.
  4. Cloud Support – All major cloud computing providers now have docker support so that containers can now be deployed directly on the cloud.
  5. Version Control – Just like GitHub, you have a DockerHub where you can maintain your images.

With our Docker Training programme, Developers/Testers/DevOps professionals can quickly grab Docker concepts and start implementing containers in their day to day routine. Individuals can learn online using Skype at their own pace and Corporate Trainings are undertaken in batches.

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