How to install and configure Mobile Center Connector

In the previous post, I explained the process to install and configure Mobile Center Server. For Mobile Center Introduction and its Architecture, please click on the respective links.

Please follow this post only if you want to keep Connector machine separate from the Server machine.


  • Install USB drivers for Android Device Manufacturer
  • FQDN or IP Address of the Mobile Center Server machine
  • You should be logged in to Mobile Center (see previous post) while installing Mobile Center Connector

Please follow the below steps to install Mobile Center Connector:

  • Download Mobile Center Connector for Windows software from here.
  • Downloaded file will be an ISO file. Extract the contents.
  • Log in to your machine as administrator.
  • Go to CONNECTOR_x64 folder in extracted contents
  • Choose Run as Administrator after right clicking on install_connector-x64-
  • The installation wizard opens. Click Next button until Device requirements Screen
  • In the Device Configuration screen, select Device Platform for which drivers are installed on the machine


  • In the Server Configuration screen,
    • Enter the IP address or the FQDN of the Mobile Center server machine.
    • If the server was configured to work with SSL only, select Use SSL and specify the SSL port.
    • If connecting over a proxy, select Enable in the proxy section, and specify the server, port, and credentials.


  • In the Certificate configuration screen, enter your Mobile Center user name (email) and password.


  • In the Connector configuration screen:
    • Enter the Connector’s IP address or FQDN, and a name for the connector. Provide a meaningful name, as this will allow you to effectively filter devices based on connector names.
    • In the Connector configuration screen, indicate whether or not the connector should be private. A private connector only allows the current user and the administrator access to the connector’s devices.


  • Installation Summary will be shown after clicking on Next button


  • Click on Next button to complete the installation
  • When the installation is complete, the wizard displays a message that the connector was successfully installed, and provides an option, Start the service.
  • Click Next to start the Mobile Center Connector service.

In the next post, we will be connecting the Real Device to the Connector machine


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