How to connect Real Android Phone to Mobile Center Connector Machine

In the previous post, I explained the process to install Mobile Center Connector. You can go through my other posts in this series

In this post, we will discuss about the settings required to connect an Android phone to the Connector machine

Prerequisites: Check if your Android Device is supported by going to this page (Anyways, I tried it with Samsung Galaxy J7 and it worked fine (even though it was not listed on the page so the list might not be updated)

Please follow the steps listed below:

  • Enable Developer options. Follow the instructions here
  • Under Developer options, enable the following:
    • Stay awake
    • USB debugging
    • Allow mock locations
  • In Settings > Display, select Auto rotate screen.
  • Connect the device to Connector machine
  • Drivers will start installing automatically after connecting device to the computer. Allow drivers to install completely.
  • After connecting the device via USB, a security message may appear on the device requesting to allow USB debugging or trust the connected computer. Accept the warning.
  • The following are automatically installed on the connected device:
    • Services for the remote viewer
    • MC Agent application
  • Wait until the Agent is launched automatically on the device. If the automatic installation the Agent does not succeed, see Troubleshooting Android devices.
  • Verify the Android devices: Open a command prompt window and navigate to the <Windows Connector folder>\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools folder and run the following command:
    • adb devices

All your connected devices should be listed. The status of the device should be “device” and not any other state, for example “unauthorized”

If the device is connected correctly, then you will be able to view the connected device after logging into Mobile Center Server:


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