How to connect UFT to HP Mobile Center

This post is a part of our Mobile Testing series using HP Mobile Center. Please go to our previous articles in this series to learn about HP Mobile Center.

In this post, I will discuss how to connect UFT to Mobile Center Server. You can go to post detailing the process of connected Real Android Devices to Mobile Center Connector Machine. I will be covering connecting Emulator to Mobile Center also in an article later.

Following pre-requisites are required to setup UFT to execute Tests on Mobile Center:

  • HP Mobile Center Server machine should be powered on
  • Android Device should be connected to HP Mobile Center Connector Machine and should be detected
  • Compatible UFT version should be installed
  • Mobile Add-In should be installed in UFT

Steps to configure UFT for Mobile:

  • Open UFT and enable Mobile Add-In in Add-In Manager screen

uft_addinManager .png

  • Go to Tools > Options. Select GUI Testing tab on the top in Options dialog box. Select Mobile section in the sidebar


  • Enter Mobile Center Server Address that we noted down in previous post in Server Address edit box. Tick Use SSL checkbox if you have ticked it during Mobile Center Server installation.
  • Enter username and password for Mobile Center Server (default username is that we setup during Mobile Center Server installation. Enter Proxy Settings if applicable, after checking Use Proxy Settings checkbox
  • Click on Test Connection button to check if connection to Mobile Center Server is successful. You will get the message Success (as shown below) if connection is successful.



  • Scroll down and check Show the device in the remote access window checkbox if Mobile Test uses Insight steps/bitmap checkpoints


  • Click on OK button.


Now, UFT is connected to Mobile Center Server. Our next step is to connect to specific Mobile Device hosted in Mobile Center Connector so that we can create functional test.


4 thoughts on “How to connect UFT to HP Mobile Center

  1. HOLA, consulta, existe una forma de conectar el UFT 12.02 con mobile center ??? me sale un error al ingresar la cuenta, pero por navegador conecta sin problemas

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