Squish Tutorial Part 1 – What the Frog ?

Lets get to know Squish !


Froglogic’s Squish is a GUI Automation tool which is proficient in automating – Qt, Java, Web, Windows, iOS, Android and many other types of applications. The USP of the tool is the simplicity with which we can create end to end running tests. Some of the features of the tool are:-

  1. Cross Platform compatibility – Create on Windows, run on Mac and vice-versa!
  2. Choose your Language – Coding can be done in JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby or Tcl
  3. Record and Replay – Just record the scenarios and the job is half done!
  4. Powerful IDE – Squish offers an Eclipse-like IDE which makes the automation process easier and streamlined
  5. Wide Integration support – Squish can be integrated with JIRA, ALM, TestLink, Jenkins, Maven and many other tools

Squish is a paid tool(with a hefty license cost!) but if you have applications other than plain Web-sites and you want to use a tool which is a one-stop shop for all applications, it is a good choice(provided your company’s bank balance allows it :)).

If you want to know more about Squish, you can go to my next post which explains how to setup Squish and the architecture upon which it is based.

Happy Automating!

Harshit Kohli


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