How to create Functional Mobile Test in UFT Part II

This post is a part of our Mobile Testing series using HP Mobile Center. Please go to our previous articles in this series to learn about HP Mobile Center.

As discussed in the previous article, Mobile Tests can also be created by Descriptive Programming (choosing properties) for Mobile Components using Object Spy

To create functional mobile tests using Descriptive Programming option, please follow below steps:

  • Open UFT with Mobile Add-In selected


  • Create a new GUI Test
  • Click on Tools > Open Application in HPE Mobile Center


  • OR click on Red Mobile Center Icon on UFT Toolbar


  • Open Application in HPE Mobile Center dialog box opens
  • Select Device and Application after clicking on buttons next to the respective drop downs
  • Check Install Application and Restart Application checkbox if selected application is not installed on the selected device and needs to be installed and restarted



  • Click on OK button after selecting Device and Application. A window with selected device and application (AUT) opens for user to start capturing properties of the objects in the device
  • Click on Object Spy and start capturing properties of elements in the device window



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