How to connect LeanFT (UFT Pro) to HP Mobile Center

This post is a part of our Mobile Testing series using HP Mobile Center. Please go to our previous articles in this series to learn about HP Mobile Center.

In this post, I will discuss how to connect LeanFT (aka UFT Pro) to Mobile Center Server. You can go to post detailing the process of connected Real Android Devices to Mobile Center Connector Machine.

Following pre-requisites are required to setup LeanFT to execute Tests on Mobile Center:

  • HP Mobile Center Server machine should be powered on
  • Android Device should be connected to HP Mobile Center Connector Machine and should be detected
  • Compatible LeanFT version should be installed

Steps to configure UFT for Mobile:

  • Start/Restart  LeanFT Runtime Engine


  • Right click on the icon and click on Settings


  • LeanFT Settings dialog box opens. Click on Show Settings link next to Mobile


  • Under Connection Settings header, enter Server name, User name and Password for Mobile Center that we noted down in previous post
  • Also, check Use Proxy checkbox and enter relevant settings if applicable


  • Click on Verify button. If settings are valid, then button will be changed to green Verified button. Also, a Success message will be displayed


  • Click on Save button to close the dialog box

Stay tuned for my next post detailing the process to create Functional Mobile Test in Lean FT


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