Some (non-alcoholic) “VodQA” at ThoughtWorks Gurugram!


A Saturday with a bunch of Geeks and a handful of Passionate speakers. That is VodQA for you! I got the opportunity to attend this meetup at ThoughtWork’s Gurugram office located in the swanky Cyber City area.

I must say that the start was a bit lousy as we had to bear with some ThoughtWorks videos many times and I almost had it memorized the third time it played. I think the videos conveyed what they wanted to when they were played the first time 🙂 Nevertheless that was the only low point for me during the whole day.

The first session of the day was QAOps: QA Testing in a DevOps World by Mr. Adidas and Himesh(these were nicknames chosen by the audience). The talk was about the role of QA’s in Operations and the ideology was using Infrastructure as Code to spin up environments with ease and adding the QA flavor to this by making sure we test the infrastructure as well as test the application under test on the infrastructure created. I really liked the extensive research done by the ThoughtWorks guys and how they finally zeroed in on Ansible after consideration of various factors.

The second session was Docker – A Tester’s Friend or Foe by Mr. Pa & Desi Ghee. This was a introductory session on Docker and frankly I did not find any point which justifies Docker being a “Foe” for testers. I’m myself quite a religious follower of Docker and a firm advocate of its value add to the test setup. The way Mr. Pa explained the concept of containerization was pretty helpful for beginners to understand the concept. There were some insightful discussions regarding how Docker works internally which were quite informative.The third session was Ansible – Continuous Deployment is a breeze by Mr. Sufi & Bevda. Mr Sufi really impressed with his passion and knowledge about the topic. This covered almost every thing that anyone would need to understand how we can setup Ansible for a project. The highlight for me was the Ansible Tests feature which allows you to put assertions to test the infrastructure in a yml file.

I completely echo the sentiment portrayed from the feedback shared by the other attendees:-


A day well spent indeed!

PS: Here are the original names of the presenters:-

AdidasVivek Mahajan (he was wearing an Adidas Originals Tshirt)

HimeshArpit Singh (he is a bathroom singer)

PaRavinder Singh(he just loves spending time with his child)

Desi GheeHarmeet Singh(he is a foodie)

SufiManjyot Singh(a Sardar who doesn’t drink!)

BevdaGopal Sharma(you’ll find him in a bar after Office)

Happy (Continuous) Automating!

Harshit Kohli



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