Time to “eclipse” pre-historic tools! (IntelliJ vs Eclipse)


I meet a lot of Automation testing professionals who work with Java. From my experience, more than 80% are using Eclipse as the IDE of choice. When I ask them why is Eclipse their choice, they are like:-


To all these people out there having no “Idea” why they are on Eclipse, I would say go get IntelliJ Idea! The list of features that are better than Eclipse is huge. Here are some of the points that stand out:-

  1. Code Completion – Coming from Eclipse to IntelliJ, the intelli-sense(or code completion) would feel like you have been upgraded to a business class ticket from economy class on a flight. In my experience, it better understands what we intend to write in comparison to Eclipse.
  2. Debugging – Debugging is a breeze. For e.g: If you put a break-point on a line, without even going to watch, it shows the values of the variables along side the code itself.
  3. Decompilation of External JARS – While debugging, we can decompile JAR files on the fly which basically means you can go inside any library’s code by just doing Ctrl+Click. We even apply breakpoints in third-party code without having the source code attached.
  4. Git Integration – The out of the box support for Git integration is extremely easy to use and acts as a better alternative to using the Git Bash/GUI.
  5. Built-in Static Code Analysis – Why use external tools, if the IDE itself is doing the Static code analysis!

At the end of the day, its all about Productivity and i’m pretty confident, IntelliJ IDEA will help you raise yours(in case you are still using Eclipse)!

Happy Automating!

Harshit Kohli


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