Hasta la vista Monday Blues!


*In case you are not sure what “Hasta la vista” means, let me google that for you.

As per my observation, a lot of professional people around me have been suffering from this syndrome. I noticed off-late that these species are growing in number. This made me don my thinking hat and get into the roots of this problem. This was intriguing since I had not experienced this “Monday Blues” feeling ever in my career.

After doing my bit of research, I concluded that following are the ingredients of the secret sauce that help me repel this “blu-ish” feeling:-

1. Don’t work by the clock-

Since our school days, our brain has been conditioned to work according to the clock. This can continue from school/college to our professional lives. We need to tell our brains to grow up! This won’t ever help you career-wise.

Focus on the task/problem at hand. It may be the case that you’re working only 3-4 hours in a day or maybe 15-16 hours. It all depends on what needs to be done. Extreme cases of both situations (spending less or more time in Office) can be harmful.

2. Make work interesting!

Computer operator welding machine.

A meager percentage of people are blessed with having interesting work to do on a daily basis. For all the other people like me, we need to figure out how to make work interesting. In case the work we are doing is of monotonous nature, we may need to figure out a way to automate it. The machines are rising for real! So why not put them to work and focus on the good stuff rather than the boring tasks.

On a casual lunch conversation, one of my colleague mentioned that he did not feel like coming to Office today. I asked the person that hypothetically if you were working on Project X (which is quite interesting), would you come to Office 2 hours early?

The answer was a resounding YES. That clearly justifies that having interesting work to do can make you work more, learn more and grow more!

3. Know your fuel


There is a driving force that pushes us to the limits when we are down. It’s is crucial to know yours, because this is what will keep the fire burning. For me, it’s Music. It actually helps me in whatever situation I am in. Here are some of the examples:-

a) I was here by Lady Antebellum – This song talks about leaving a mark wherever you go. So this motivates you to do things that will leave a lasting impression on places you have been to.

b) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk – This is a cult one by Daft Punk. A great way to start your day!

c) Not Afraid by Eminem – Eminem talks about taking chances in this one. It inspires me to do stuff that some other people think is not possible. This one tells you that you should never underestimate yourself.

d) Not Giving In by Rudimental – When an issue is taking long hours to debug, a small break with one of these songs sometimes does wonders to my confidence level.

Let’s start a revolution against Monday Blues!



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